How to find what multi-character words use characters I know?

I mean besides using a dictionary :wink:
What I mean is, is there a way in Skritter (such as a setting or a list option) where it can automatically give me multi-character words if I know the constituent characters?

E.g., if I know both “da4” and “ren2”, is there a way I can get Skritter to automatically (or kind of automatically!) add “da4ren2” to my word list? It would be SUCH a great feature! If it doesn’t already exist, can you add it to the requested feature list please? Thanks!



This great website has lots of tools including the one you describe - just export your Skritter data and paste it into this tool, checking the boxes to pick what you want to analyse.


What an amazing little tool that is!! Thank you so much! I’m totally going to use that to add to my Skritter lists. I can’t tell you how happy I am to find it. Thank you for sharing!!!

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I was actually wondering about this myself. Once you learn a thousand or two characters, it’s really nice to be able to solidify your vocabulary by learning the common words they comprise. I know it’s old, but glad to have stumbled across this!

Just one thing had me dying with laughter here…

All operations are performed using Python arrays, sets, and dictionaries, which are very fast.


You can see a list of multi character words that contain the single character, by pulling up the detailed information page for a character on legacy, or by using the My Words page at: The right hand side of the detailed information will have an area for “Words containing X”:

Nice, but do note that this is different from the idea of this topic.

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Ah, yeah-- the OP was looking for an automatic or semi automatic way of adding multi character words that share a particular character. While it’s not automatic,you can tap the blue (+) next to the words under “Words containing X” to quick add it to your studies.

Not quite. Let me clarify, because this is actually a feature you guys may want to consider eventually. Not only will it make character learning more varied, but it will also actually teach us more vocabulary with the same time investment.

I have a set, let’s call it S, of all characters I have learned via Skritter. What are the multicharacter words in Skritter’s database for which all constituent characters already belong to S? The ideal feature would be to automatically construct the word list which contains all such words. Optionally, we could also select to automatically add words from this list. The algorithm may take a nontrivial amount of time to run, so it might be best to give the user a button to re-compute this list rather than doing so periodically in an automated fashion.


Ahh, I see. That’s exactly the sort of thing we’d like to think about moving forward. Reading the post over I’m not quite sure how I missed that! :sweat_smile:

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