How to practice ALL words in a list daily?

I currently study a list with the 3000 most common characters that I do for 30 min daily, but I want to add one more list with the vocabulary of the chinepod lesson im currently doing.
I want to review that list once a day and I want to review all the words in it, no matter if skritter thinks that I “know them” or not.

  1. Is this possible?
  2. Once I’ve finished that list and reviewed all the vocabulary in it, is there any way to tell, like a “congratulations, you have successfully reviewed all words in this list” message so that I can go back to my other list?


In the Beta app, I believe you can do this using the “test” function.


Thanks for the reply! I will check it out.

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If you’re on iOS it’s no longer “beta” and you can download it from the app store, with android coming soon. The new apps would let you study smaller lists as and when you want them using the test function, and you can choose to add them into the review queue (SRS) by using the “Learn” mode.