How to show Japanese kana on Android app?

I used to use Skritter primarily on web and iOS and I was always able to see the Japanese kana for particular vocab words (not just kanji). I don’t know all the kanji and I’m not trying to learn them, I just want to learn the pronunciation of the words (by reading the kana - I can’t listen as I commute in Tokyo every day on a crowded train)… Does anyone know if I can set up the Android app to do this? I don’t mind having the kanji there, I just want the hiragana too. This is how it always used to work on web and iOS so I don’t get why it’s not showing on Android. Without it the app is useless to me so there’s no need for me to continue my subscription.


It sounds like you might want to disable writing prompts entirely, since you aren’t wanting to write kanji or kana. It should be that the reading shows when revealing the reading prompt-- for instance a reading prompt shows 例文, and you tap to reveal the reading, which shows れいぶん.

I actually do have the writing prompts disabled, but what I’d like to see is the kana along with the kanji. This is how it always worked on the iOS app (not sure if it’s been updated away lately - I haven’t used it in a few months). I want to see kanji and kana, then when I tap, see the meaning. That way I can actually study the meanings of the words based on their sounds (and “correct” hiragana readings), without having to know all the kanji (which are much more complicated and will take a lot longer to learn).