How to study Non-radical character components

Hello all,

I’m trying to build a strong foundation before learning how to write words on Skritter (I already know the pinyin for all HSK 5 vocabulary from Anki)

I am currently working on Skritter’s word list of 257 Radicals. However, radicals are only one portion of a character. There are other semantic character components that are not radicals.

In this blog post from 2015 Olle says “there are many common semantic components that aren’t radicals. Unfortunately, there is no good overview of these, as far as I know.” Is this still the case? Is there any way Skritter can make a word list of character components that are not radicals?

Most dictionaries don’t have more than 200-215 radicals… I’m wondering if the additional characters in the list I’m studying aren’t actually radicals, but the character components I’m looking for… Maybe someone who works at Skritter can answer my question?


These guys cite 400 components you need to sign up to start learning with them though as I haven’t found a way to just get the component list. They separate out the components into the different form of each component (that has multiple forms), like 人 has a top form and the left form (like in 你).


Thanks Russell,

That looks like a good (fairly new) resource. It looks like their annual membership sale ends on June 30th. Does anyone else have recommendations before I sink the cash into this?