How to test that the extension obb has been copied to the right location?

Had to use the manual installation since Google Play unavailable.

Everything is working fine so far, but I would very much like to test that I copied the audio extension obb files to the correct location.

Please provide an example word/list that would fail to have audio if it was incorrectly copied, but succeed if I’ve done it right. If not this, then some other test. Instruction at are ambiguous.

The best way to test whether the OBB file is working is to put your device in airplane mode and then check to see if audio for common characters and words is playing while offline. There are 5000+ audio files included in the OBB file so anything on the HSK lists should play while offline if it’s working.

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It could take me a while to get up to the “less common words” parts of the HSK list. I just tried with HSK5, but of course it’s only going to add new words a few at a time. So far all the audio is there, but I still have no idea if this audio is the ones implied in your help page when you say “The .apk does not contain audio files for the pronunciation of less common words” or if they are coming from the OBB file. For all I know, I could still be on the common phrases!

The reason for my confusion is that your help page at says:

Copy the directory “com.inkren.skritter.chinese” or “com.inkren.skritter.japanese”, depending on your language preference

But in fact the download location contains the following OBB files (not directories):


What I did was create the directory com.inkren.skritter.chinese manually, and place the OBB file in there

  • Internal storage/Android/obb/com.inkren.skritter.chinese/

Please let me know if this is correct.

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You’re right, the wording is a bit confusing. It’s been awhile since I’ve gone through the process of doing this manually and Android has changed significantly since this process was first written. If memory serves me correctly the way you’ve got it is correct. That would make the full on device paths for both languages as follows:





Thanks! I think that did the trick

After I added “main.3.” to the front of the directory names and restarted the program it seems to have gotten noticeably slower (1 to 2 second delay before audio is rendered). I can only assume that’s a side-effect of the all the extra data in the obb!

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Just adding this in case anyone reads this who has the same issue…

I was suspicious of the 1-2 second delay in the audio, so I turned on airplane mode as per your first suggestion. Sure enough ALL the audio now went away (even Chinese 101 characters).

I renamed the obb folder back to how I had it originally:


i.e. without the main.3. in front, and sure enough after a program restart the audio comes back - even in airplane mode.

Furthermore the 1-2 second delay was gone.

It seems that without the correct folder name (without main.3.) it was pulling the audio from the net the whole time (wasn’t even caching it).

Skritter is much more enjoyable when the audio plays instantly too!!!

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