HSK changes in 2020

According to this article (and a separate Twitter post), the HSK will change in 2020, and have 9 levels, with different characters/words than the current lists.

Thought people may not have seen this from other forums.



Here is a table showing the proposed breakdown across HSK levels.

Edit: no specific timing is given anywhere for when the changes will hit tests or testing material availability.


Thanks for sharing that.

  • I also don’t see a timing on this. I guess 2020…
  • 9 levels sounds like a good idea to me.
  • Do we think the new lists are going to be free & can be included in Skritter?

We (unfortunately) have no secret inside information about the test revisions, but will be prompt to support the new material on Skritter once it’s available.

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I think these are good changes, and we look forward to creating new HSK decks for all nine levels as soon as the word lists are available!

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Has anyone heard about any news on the HSK revamp (9 levels)? I checked quickly today, but I don’t see anything substantial yet?

Not major official updates yet from what I’ve seen.

We do have a rough idea of what vocabulary what will be in all the levels, and I’m going to start working on creating some privates decks once the academic semester is in full swing (super busy getting schools setup for the year at the moment). It should give us a great starting point for getting new HSK v.3 content out as quickly as possible.

We’ll continue to monitor the situation and get Skritter updated with all the official decks once we have confirmation of what is included in each level.