HSK changes in 2020

According to this article (and a separate Twitter post), the HSK will change in 2020, and have 9 levels, with different characters/words than the current lists.

Thought people may not have seen this from other forums.



Here is a table showing the proposed breakdown across HSK levels.

Edit: no specific timing is given anywhere for when the changes will hit tests or testing material availability.


Thanks for sharing that.

  • I also don’t see a timing on this. I guess 2020…
  • 9 levels sounds like a good idea to me.
  • Do we think the new lists are going to be free & can be included in Skritter?

We (unfortunately) have no secret inside information about the test revisions, but will be prompt to support the new material on Skritter once it’s available.

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I think these are good changes, and we look forward to creating new HSK decks for all nine levels as soon as the word lists are available!

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