HSK lists outdated?


I am new to Skritter and working my way through the HSK 1 list and am quite happy with the app.
However, I am wondering why the available lists are outdated?
it states: “This is the new HSK version from 2009”

Where can I find the updated lists?

best regards

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Hi Meista,

There’s two sets of HSK lists, old ones, and new ones. You can go to the lists area and make sure the HSK list you’re choosing is labeled as “new”

Here’s a link to HSK 1:

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I didn’t get an answer to this question I posed in another thread, so I am re-posting it here:
I wonder why this HSK 3 list ( https://skritter.com/vocablists/view/5211551419334656 ) has 600 characters instead of 300 for the 2009 version list on Skritter… It says it is the 2016 update to HSK 3, so should be very recent. DId the number of words for HSK 3 really double?

Perhaps the description is not very accurate, and they mean HSK up to and including 3?
The list has 600 words, not 600 characters. Also it includes 我 which I assume is an HSK1 word. 600 words is 150+150+300 (HSK1+2+3).
I will bet the list contains 617 unique characters.
Adding this won’t hurt you though, Skritter will just jump over the HSK1+2 words you presumably already know.

The system will skip over anything that you’ve already added (not affecting it’s progress) and it does look like the HSK list contains items from previous HSK lists, what @bezdomny said! It sounds like we might want to update the lists again and make sure that they are separated and not containing any shared items between lists.

Thanks, Jeremy and bezdomny. At a minimum you should update the description to indicate that it is a cumulative list. For some people that might be useful.

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They seem outdated, but hopefully the dates don’t matter? Shrug Anyway I wa wondering if the dates of the HSK levels mean anything, or does one have better words? or what? Just wondering! Let me know if it makes ha difference.

@Flutin_Bantootin Only use the “official” lists from Skritter. Ignore the user-created lists.

HSK originally had a vocabulary set created in mid-2000’s. Ignore that. It’s old and outdated and no longer relevant.

HSK Version 2 was published in 2012. It’s often incorrectly referred to as “new” HSK. The version 2 HSK lists are what most of the HSK tests currently being offered for 2022 and most likely 2023 will be based on.

Version 3 of HSK/Chinese Language Standards was published in 2021. Details of when the HSK tests will be updated to use the Version 3 lists for HSK 1-6 tests is not finalized. (I believe that version 3 vocabulary/grammar for HSK Level 7-9 testing is used this year for the first time, but most people aren’t at that level to need it).

Skritter has both version 2 and Version 3 lists available as official published-by-Skritter lists, per the images here.

2012 Version 2 HSK

2021 Chinese Language Standards Version 3 HSK