HSK Standard Course by Liping Jiang- no list for book 2?

Hello- I am taking a class that uses the HSK Standard Course books by Liping Jiang. I’m currently on HSK 2. I’d love to have that list in Skritter, but I only see Skritter lists for books 1, 3, and 4. Is there a way to request HSK Book 2 be added?


It does look like there isn’t a HSK Level 2 Standard Course list available. Do you happen to have the book on hand? We can credit two months of subscription time upon the upload of any list that isn’t available yet. Also, if you happen to have the words in a text file or pdf, you can copy and paste up to 200 words at a time into a list section (making sure they are separated line by line). We unfortunately don’t always have time to upload additional textbook lists and don’t have this one on hand.

Hey, I do have the book. That’s awesome you credit subs for uploading lists! I created the list here- https://skritter.com/vocablists/view/4526545821630464


Hmm, are you sure you copied the link fully? I’m not able to load this up!

I’m sure… https://skritter.com/vocablists/view/4526545821630464

I just clicked “Publish” so maybe that did it

That sends us an email with the list pending for review, I’ve published this in the official textbook area and have added an extra two months to your subscription. Thanks for your contribution! :smile:

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Maybe you can add the list for Level 5 as well? I have just published the list and checked with the textbook again, so should be pretty accurate… :sweat_smile:

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Hey, this is appreciated! I’ve published this in the textbook area and added an extra two months to your subscription. Thanks! :smiley:

对不起, but I’ve just found an error in the list I sent “HSK Level 2 Standard Course by Liping Jiang”. In the section titled “你家离公司远吗”, the first word should be 教室 (classroom)instead of 教师(teacher). My mistake.

It looks like I can no longer edit the list.

I’ve fixed the entry for you, no problem. I’ve also made sure you’re listed as an editor!