I cant edit the tones :(

So there is this difference between pure northern mandarin and “normal” mandarin. In Beijing and some other places they speak the pure mandarin (I dont mean beijing hua) with all the 5th tones but in my experience, in the rest of China they dont use the 5th tone that much. Like 耽搁 is supposed to be dan1ge5 but most people say dan1ge2 and 栅栏 is supposed to be zha4lan5 but most people say zha4lan2 etc.

This might sound weird but I actually prefer to study the “wrong” mandarin because it helps me remember what tones those characters have in other words. I tried changing some tones and the normal skritter.com dont even let me do it. Legacy skritter seems to have the option but once I’ve changed the tones and pressed “save”, it reverts back to the “correct” version.

How do I edit the tones to the way I want them?

As far as i am aware most of these cases have both pronunciations saved as valid already. On the website the tone prompt will accept both even though the dialectical one is hidden.

i think for reading prompts the website does not accept it tho, but probably this changing back is due to it already having this reading as a hidden reading

I brought this up a couple months ago that many of the tones in the database are not the same tones as those I would like to learn but it appears that there is no intention to implement a feature to allow us to change the tone of a given character/word

Yeah, they really need to add this feature. Why can you even edit pinyin if you cant change it? And why cant you change it when you can change the definition? Its great that they have a database that adds pinyin and definition automatically, but there should always be an option to add your own touch. One size does not fit all.

We do have this planned! It would be at a personal account level at first, however it might also have an option to submit as a correction to be reviewed.


That is awesome Jeremy! I am so happy that you guys actually listens to the community and do your best to make us happy.

I have been a skritter member for a long time and thrown a lot of requests for features and crazy ideas out there and many of them have actually been implemented.

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We certainly try! :smiley:

I should mention that the reason it isn’t in yet is partially due to audio being linked to the reading which makes things tricky. If you were to update the pinyin it would unlink the audio, however we have an experimental audio generator (taking single character pronunciations and linking them together at a word level) that might work for that situation.

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Lol, I didn’t even know we can do this, and I’ve been a member a very long time.

How’s it done (on mobile), would you mind sharing?