I don't understand about the different between expired account and subscription account

Some years ago, I had subscribed a premium account with 30 days . after my account was expired. I always use skritter on my iphone. But I feel I can learn these word which added in the past. I still can add textbook after my account was expired. And I found the study list; I saw the new words are still adding. I still learn on my iphone frequently. So that I confused should I subscribed a new premium account?. I don’t understand the different between an expired account and a subscription account. Can everyone explain this problem for me: thanks.

It looks like there are about 20,000 items due in your review, and most of them are new writings. It looks like what probably happened is that these were all manually added while the account was still active. (The scheduling system is essentially ruined in this situation as well, so you unfortunately can’t effectively study any words).

With an expired subscription, you can review any words that are due or become due for review, but you would need an active subscription in order to add any new words you haven’t studied yet.

Since there are 20k items in your queue, you’ll probably want to use the “Reset all data” feature on your account page so you can study effectively, at: https://skritter.com/account/settings/general

Once this is done, I can add a month of free subscription time to your account, so you can catch up to where you should have been after a month of studying! :slight_smile: