I have a few questions-.---

First: Thank you for a wonderful product.

Then, let me ask the following:

A) I am learning Japanese, I am at the most basic level so I am not “allowed” to learn Kanji yet, and I am to focus solely on hiragana. I’ve tried to create a solely hiragana list, but so far I get also Kanjis. Can I do that? Get solely a hiragana list? and if so, how? I know I could browse any of the many that are already published, but I want to deal with the list school has given me

B) I would also like to create a list of grammatic situations. Like: “particle to connect, similar as “too”” answer: mo

or something like that

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Hi there! :wave:

You can create kana only entries. For instance if you’re learning the word 学校, but aren’t learning the kanji for it in your class yet, you could enter in がっこう, (which will pull up 学校 at first), but then press the “All Results” button next to the word. If a kana version exists already, you can simply pick that, otherwise you would want to press the “Not here? Add the word to our database” button. Once you click that, you can type in the definition of the word and then save it to the database.

You can add grammar points, sure! They probably already exist already and you would just need to search for them and add them. For instance ~から~まで can be used for “from ~ till ~”, or もし~たら for “if”, but these of course should be studied along side a course (like your Japanese class!), so you know how they are used, since that’s of course one of many structures to say “if”, for instance.