Ideas for new features

Using Skritter on a daily basis on my iPad, there are three missing features that I often think would make the application even better.

  1. When studying a complicated character, one can press the “info” button in the upper right corner to see the components of this character, which is extremely useful. However, some of the components are complicated characters on their own. It would be nice if I could click on these components too, to see what are the components of these components.
    e.g. if one presses “info” in the character 招, one finds out it is composed of 扌 and 召. However, for those who are new to Chinese, it might not be evident that 召 on its turn is composed out 刀 of and 口.

  2. Under “Settings”, I always use the setting “Stroke Order: Strict”, as to study the correct stroke order from the beginning. In some cases, one can legitimately choose which stroke to write first (e.g. the second and third stroke of 万). However, for myself, I always want to use the exact same stroke order for every character every time. In cases like 万, I use the stroke order that Skritter “suggests” when I touch the screen without drawing a stroke (in this case: first 𠃌 and then 丿). It would be great if there would be a setting to always imposes this “suggested” stroke order, even if another stroke order would be equally legitimate. This way, every character would only have one possible stroke order in Skritter.

  3. A setting to disable the encouraging words which pronounced every five minutes (加油 etc.), which always scare the other people in the room when I practise.

What do you think?

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