Importing from Pleco + character recognition [Android]

Hi! I’m using Skritter on Android and I often switch between the Pleco dictionary and Skritter. I’ve gotten into the habit of creating my own word lists and would love an easy way to do this. Pleco already has the capability of marking dictionary entries as cards and exporting those. Is there any current or planned functionality to have Skritter pull the card database from Pleco to add to a current or new list?

I really love the app and my Chinese has improved a lot as a result. I study on a daily basis and would really appreciate this kind of functionality. I’d also love for there to be a way to speed up how quickly the app registers my strokes. I see this functionality mentioned on thr website but don’t see it in Android.

Thanks so much for pulling together such a great app. Keep up the good work!

There’s currently not a fancy way to do this, however if you’re able to grab the data from the Pleco export and then have the words separated line by line in the text file, you can copy and paste up to 200 words at a time into a single list section. We do plan to have more advanced exporting and importing features in the future to make things like this easier.

Thanks for the response, Jeremy!

Regarding the current method of inputting multiple characters for lists, I haven’t had good consistent success with putting in anything more than 4 phrases. Either the app hangs up, or doesn’t add the words at all. I’d suggest some sort of progress indicator for showing users that the app is loading the new words.

Also there’s a bug where the app can’t add phrases where one character is written in traditional and the other in simplified. I encounter this when I try to input phrases that I encounter on the internet or in chats where native usage incorporates a blend of traditional and simplified.

Use the legacy site. I’ve pasted thousands of words in there without issue. I’ve had the new site fail many times.

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I agree with @BenJackson! Legacy offers the best list creation experience, the list features on 2.0 are still in development. You shouldn’t run into any problems with the legacy site when creating lists!

Thank you both for weighing in! Good to know that there are alternative paths.

I just tried the legacy site and it only added the first word in my space separated list. Below is a list typical of what I’ve been creating. Am I doing something wrong with the formatting?

體壇 政壇 文壇 網址 討論 設備 設立 設施 計劃 紐約 紐帶 約會 約束 束手 考察 察覺 察看 已任 已見 蝦孑 裏面 暑假 整天 武俠 如 終信 承認 其實 當然 及時 及早 及格 腦袋 腦力 腦筋 跡象 跡線 端正 叢書 叢生 罰金 罰單 罰球 尾巴 識別 識字 識破 刮目 刮傷 受傷

Pretty sure I used newline separated, not space separated.

Ah, you do need to have them separated line by line opposed to space by space.

Great, that worked! Thanks you two for the feedback and help :slight_smile: