Improving Skritter's leech function


I like that Skritter is able to identify leeches (words or characters that I keep forgetting how to write). When I have such characters that I find hard to learn, what I do is trying to use other resources like Pleco (or other dictionaries) and websites like hanzicraft for decomposing the character and trying to find a way to remember it, then I try to write it by hand multiple times. When I use Skritter again, chances are that I remember better how to write and even if I might not remember all the strokes, at least I remember more than before…I understand it takes time. Anyway I usually have to remember or write down the characters and words that I keep forgetting. It’d be useful if Skritter could record a list of leeches in a particular section of the website, so that we can access it quickly for practising them more. Having the list we could just use it on our own, or we could choose to study the list again with a default teaching mode enabled in order to review the strokes…then if we memorize the character it could be automatically removed from the leeches list, or there could be a button for removing it manually. This is just a suggestion. Thanks Skritter’s team for your wonderful tool.


I’m not sure if leech detection is in a state where it’s accurate enough to expand on to it’s ability, however have you tried starring words? You could star any word you find yourself having trouble with, which gets saved to the Starred words area within the Words screen. (You could also remove the star when it’s no longer a leech!)


Thanks. I could do that. I also found some people in a forum suggested to “ban” words because they end up in a list (if I’m not mistaken)…but I’d rather “star” them than “ban” them :slight_smile: . Yes, maybe you could expand its ability when leech detection will be more accurate.

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