Inconsistent writing in iOS app

The change in the writing of the small strokes on top of characters was a topic of a different thread. But here it comes again. There are different fonts for Japanese as there are Western books written using Times or Helvetica or something other. The same is true for Japanese.

The new writing (vertical stroke) is consistent with the font used in the book I’m currently reading. Alas, it is not consistent with the font used in the iOS app. The result is that the app will not accept the writing as it is shown by the app itself. I think that is rather confusing.

Hi Chris, I know there has been some font issues as changes are currently being made to a lot of the characters, but I’m not sure exactly what you mean when you say the writing will not be accepted as it is shown by the app.

Could you be more specific about the characters you are having issues with? I do know there is currently a disparity between the font being used to show the characters and the character the app asks you to write, like so:

(these are 2 different characters but it demonstrates the current problem)

It sounds to me like you’re saying that even when drawing the (larger) shown character it’s not being accepted? I personally haven’t had this issue, though sometimes the character’s stroke order has been off, or a certain stroke isn’t the correct shape. The guys do a good job of fixing these issues when you report them.

Your picture depicts the problem perfectly. You have to do the first stroke exactly as the blue stroke suggests. But the font used inside the app prefers the slanted version as in the upper left. This was the way we had to write the character until the recent change, but is no longer accepted. The font used to show the version in the upper left corner proofs, that the slanted version is also an acceptable variant.

I think that it isn’t a good idea to show an example (upper left) and at the same time to reject following that example.

I see what you mean now, and yeah I brought this same issue up in the previous thread. It seems to me like there are 2 possible solutions:

  1. Change the font so that there is consistency between shown characters and characters to be drawn.
  2. Have more leniency with regard to stroke direction so that a slightly slanted stroke can still be accepted.

I don’t know which is best/easiest to implement, but I agree this has become somewhat of a drawback as a result of the recent changes to certain characters. I’m definitely happy the changes are being made if they are making the app conform with the typical Japanese writing style, though. This might just be a temporary trade-off and will be fixed in future updates.

I totally agree with you.

Personally I would prefer to have more leniency, because the writing style is more a less a matter of taste like using Times Roman or Helvetica for roman characters. The slanted stroke seems to be closer to handwriting.

I want more leniency. Or an option for it. I am writing 赤 and the 5th stroke is driving me nuts. I write it over and over and the app just won’t take, marks it wrong, does it for me, and I say to myself, that’s EXACTLY WHAT I WROTE!

Let’s take the anger out of this. Studying is frustrating enough. There’s some other kanjis that the app seems to accept half the time from me although I write it the same every time.

Is it just in the iOS app? If I switched to a different platform would I be able to stop fighting the crazy stroke taskmaster?

Something is just not right. I was writing 朝 and I did the 2nd stroke fine. I could SEE it on the screen. The line was there. But attempting to move onto the third stroke, the app got mad at me and told me I had not done the 2nd stroke. Of course I could see it there on the screen with my own eyes so I tried to do the third stroke again but to no avail. It wouldn’t let me proceed until I redid the 2nd stroke again.

I can’t take this anymore. I’m going back to Flashcards Deluxe. This app seems like it would be great but it’s driving me nuts.

Ok the reason 朝 was so ridiculous was because I was doing the strokes wrong. I actually like this app more than other apps despite the frustration I’m having O.o. Other flashcard apps don’t do too much with sound effects and making a nice interface.

But really. When did 小 become the most feared kanji I would have to draw? Well it’s not the most feared. I do better at it than 少 but you can see that they’re similar. It’s the downward stroke with a hook that seems to drive the me and the app nuts. Any tips for that?