Individual/partial traditional cards

Is it possible to have most of my cards use simplified and only have some specific cards use traditional characters?
I mostly want to learn simplified characters but there are a few cases (some names) where I want to practice the traditional version.

There isn’t a way to seamlessly do this right now. If you only want to learn some specific traditional characters, you’ll need to study them separately. When you are studying simplified, have Simplified Only toggled on. When you want to study some traditional characters, go to the language settings and toggle on Traditional Only. Let me know if you have any other questions.

That’s too bad. Can I create a custom deck and just set that to Traditional or is it only available as a global setting?

In the app settings you can also set the character style to “both”. In the decks both simplified and tradition characters are shown, and you can choose which one you want to learn (or both). However, when you are learning new words, you have to be carefull not to learn the wrong version. So it’s not very practical.

Yeah. From the response and from other info I’ve seen, it sounds like this would be hard to do.
I’m guessing they don’t have the facility to add this kind of metadata to individual cards and adding it would take a serious rewrite of some of the core code base.

Simp/trad/both is only a user-level setting for now. We’re exploring the idea for more robust and granular deck-level settings, but user, language, and deck settings interactions quickly get complicated and behave in ways that are inconsistent or unintuitive, so I wouldn’t expect any large additions to deck settings for the near future.

No worries. I’ve worked as both a SW dev and a PM. I have a pretty good idea of how hard this stuff can be.
I figured I’d ask in case there was some workaround but I’m not expecting anyone to a big rewrite.

Skritter is great. I’ll keep using it even if you never support that feature. Can’t hurt to ask though :slight_smile:

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