Inserting line breaks in the mnemonics field

Does anyone know how to insert a hard line break when editing mnemonics? I am going through the 800 Prolific Characters list on Skritter and finding it helpful to cut and paste from the list of compounds containing a given character that pops up when I press the info button (“i”) then insert that in the mnemonics field (not actually a mnemonic, I know; just repurposing) . I would like it better if things would stay in a list layout when I paste them, or if I could insert line breaks to accomplish that format.

Unfortunately I don’t believe this is possible (but will confirm). Something you can try is to use a linebreak with dashes like



I do this to the mnemonic field

and the result is like this

Is this what you are asking for?

Thanks for the help, but no, I was talking about the web (desktop browser) version, not mobile. I use mobile too, so I might refer to your example there later though, so thanks again.

The break element behaves differently on the web than the mobile ? :thinking:

appears to be working as it should when I try it.

We also support basic formatting when making custom mnemonics:


My bad for misspeaking! I took the word “line” too literally and was thinking of a horizontal rule like -------------. As @SkritterJake and @pts mentioned the br tag works when editing mnemonics. Sorry for being silly!

Ah, yes! It does work. I guess I really need things spelled out for me. As soon as I saw that you had screenshotted mobile I foolishly assumed that whatever you were showing wasn’t applicable. I didn’t even key in on the line break code with the “br/” inside the < >. Thank you.

No worries. I am so old I almost wanted to call it a “carriage return” (learned to type on a manual typewriter)

Thanks, I did know about the bracketing with asterisks for bold, though not how to do italics.

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