Integrated Chinese (4th Edition)


Are you able to add the remaining lists for Integrated Chinese book (4th edition)?
You have the first book available, but not the remaining three. I am not sure how different are they from the previous edition, but this will probably be the difference for me, between whether I become subscriber or not.


Hey Jakub! We don’t always have time to upload additional textbook lists, however we do offer two free months of subscription time upon the completion of any textbook list we don’t offer yet. This is a good way to both study the material you need and earn free time! You could create the list as you go along studying gradually, or create it in one go and let us know to the subscription time quicker. If you have the words in a text file (separated line by line), you can copy and paste up to 200 at a time into a single list section.

I looked at the existing wordlists, and realized it is essentially the same as the new edition.

When will IC 4 (4th ed.) Textbook 4 be included?


We got it already:

This link will open the book on the S:WC mobile app and website respectively.

@SkritterJake Is there a reason why on my iPad, tablet list view truncates the list descriptions to 4 lines? There is plenty of white space left. I understand phones may be real-estate-constrained.

Yeah, these descriptions don’t play nice with the iPad. Gonna leave it alone for now, but it is on my radar when the apps get some landscape mode love.

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That’s still portrait mode on my iPad…landscape acts the same too.

Yeah. We don’t have a landscape mode yet. But That is when we’ll tackle some iPad-specific improvements!

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