Interview on The Language Mastery Show with John Fotheringham

For anyone who’s interested, The Language Mastery Show recently had me on as a guest to talk about my experience learning Chinese, some tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way, and (of course) Skritter!

We did the interview back in May for Season 3 of his show, and it’s interesting to me how much has changed in my own language learning journey since then, and how far Skritter has come!

You can listen to the show on any of your favorite podcast platforms, or by going to this link:

I’ve been a fan of John and his work for a very long time, and it was an honor to be on his show. His podcast is full of some wonderful interviews with amazing language learners, teachers, and others in the industry. Highly recommended!

Happy listening, and happy studies!



Other shows he’s done in the past that are highly worth a listen is the Season 2 recap where he cuts together some highlights from interviews with some top polyglots, and his recent interview with the guys over at Mandarin Blueprint—hoping to be working a little more closely with them in the future, so I really enjoyed that one.