Intro Screen Freeze

I can see now that this is an app that is still developing. Makes sense. That’s cool. I contacted support and was told that everybody was on vacation and that they’d get back to me when they go back to work.

They suggested that my problem is the fact that I live in China. Kind of confusing that a Chinese app wouldn’t work in China. Some websites don’t work here, but never had a problem with an app.

Anyway, they got back to me in about 4 days, but I’ve got IT guys that work for me in several cities throughout Asia. These guys are sharp guys (several are PhDs in IT). They’d already fixed the problem for me in about 20 minutes and made some other suggestions for my learning.

Seems like a fine app but by the number of issues, it is still in development. If anyone else has the same problem, let me know and my guys can help.


Interesting. Curious about the IT guys’ suggestions for learning. Would it help others to know what these are?

Reminds me of a problem my partner frequently has: often when he tries to return to Skritter from Pleco the Skritter app just shuts down, and he has to start it up and wait for it to load all over again.

I am not having this problem. It could have something to do with him using an iPhone 6?

@MichaelMM glad you seem to have resolved your issue! If you’ve got any advice that might help us or our users we’d certainly appreciate any additional feedback you can provide. We’re a small team and are constantly working on improving the app. We don’t have a team located in China which makes it hard for us to test but have found that often user loading issues are caused by the ever changing internet restrictions in that country which is why we mentioned it.

@Therebackagain we might have found a fix for the Pleco issue which will be released in our next update.