Introducing new words suggestions

when new words are introduced, there is no practice screen (would be nice for new characters even though I’ve pointed out that it’s not always necessary for known characters but given the number of homonyms, i don’t necessarily know when a character is known or not)

i would add a button to show the whole character briefly and one to fill it in completely - that would cover hinting as well as ‘i already know this and don’t want to draw it again’

double tap no longer shows the whole character so doing a new character is basically guesswork

the new character symbol should be larger… the diagonal banner was more visible and better aesthetically because it called attention to itself - the red box is easily overlooked because the eye filters out easily

a work in progress to be sure

We are going to be adding a popup in the app that talks about new changes in the app, but for now you can get some highlights here: Skritter Mobile Beta Updates

You can now reveal a character by tap holding and turn on teaching mode by tap holding with two fingers. Single tapping still gives a one stroke hint. We made this change because double tapping was kind of hit or miss in terms of timing. In general we are planning on moving to a gesture based system rather than cluttering the screen with additional buttons.