[iOS 12 iPad] Skritter crashes on open


On iOS 12 on the iPad Skritter will not open anymore. It crashes on open, to be more specific.



Same thing happens to me on iPhone.



@Zyst @londonrain A newsletter was sent out regarding the Japanese app and iOS 12, however it looks like it wasn’t set your way. I’ve copied the contents of the newsletter-- if you have any questions please let me know. Sorry for the inconvenience!

As you may have heard, Apple announced this week that iOS 12 will be available for download starting on September 17th, 2018. While the Skritter Chinese app was successfully updated (yay!) and is ready for the update, we’ve unfortunately run into an issue with the Japanese iOS app, which isn’t working correctly on iOS 12.

While we have identified the source of the issue, we haven’t been able to fix it yet–no matter what we try. We’re still trying, and reaching out to Apple for support, but as of right now the Japanese iOS app will most likely not work on iOS 12.

While we hope to resolve the issue soon, we want all of you to understand the situation as it stands and let you know the other ways you can continue to study Japanese on Skritter.

So, what can you do
Technically , the Japanese iOS app is functioning on iOS 11. Once you update to iOS 12, you, unfortunately, can’t downgrade your device, however, you can choose to not upgrade to iOS 12, and still be able to continue using the Japanese Skritter app. This is not ideal, but it is an option.

One alternative is using the Skritter website to study. It will continue to work on the mobile browser of your choice, and features our latest Japanese audios, example sentences, and kana writing support. Unfortunately, you need to have a cellular data plan or Wifi to access the site.

Skritter: Write Japanese Beta App
Fortunately , we’ve been working on updating and improving Skritter for some time, and we have an active beta app for Skritter Japanese which is working on iOS 12, and provides a slew of features not available in the original iOS app. If you do choose to upgrade to iOS 12, you can sign up for the beta version of Skritter and continue studying anytime and anywhere.

The beta app for Japanese offers hiragana and katakana handwriting (in addition to kanji!), thousands of audio additions and corrections, improved example sentences for the JLPT, a new teaching mode, and it’s not ending here.

Please sign up for the beta iOS app on our
blog, and we’ll send you a TestFlight invite via email.

We appreciate all of your love and support over the years. We’re sorry for the inconvenience this may cause, and we look forward to working with you on making our new app even more powerful for Japanese learning. Thanks very much for being a part of Skritter!

Best regards,
The Skritter Team



Hey Jeremy, I sent a request for the TestFlight a week ago, and there has been no response.

I feel bad about being rude, but if the iOS app is not working at all, a fix is nowhere to be seen, and your official recommendation is to sign up for the beta. Then please take the time to monitor the invitation requests.

This is quite frustrating, because I practice offline on my iPad during my commute, so I haven’t been able to study at all for the past week or so.


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Hey Zyst-- no worries, this isn’t rude at all. Invites do get sent out regularly, however there’s been an issue where some people aren’t receiving them (even after multiple attempts of resending the invitational email manually in itunesconnect). Would you be able to send an email to team@skritter.com (or leave your email address here for verification)? We can attempt to send another invite your way!



Hey, sent an email 2 days ago, haven’t gotten a reply. Leaving my TestFlight email here since that seems to have more visibility.






-Chinese- is not working on iOs 12. Help!



Hi there!

The latest version of the app is compatible with iOS 12, however the previous version isn’t. Have you upgraded the app yet?



It works now, after the update. Thanks!



My device auto updated last night. Skritter Japanese is now crashing for me.

I got the beta downloaded. The app opens, but it gets stuck on one word and will not progress past it. It worked fine until I encountered that word. I don’t know if it bugged because I failed it at first? Not sure.

I hate using my mouse so the web app is not ideal. I’ll just work with it for now if I have to.

必ず is the word to be specific.



You should be able to fix this by turning off the Study Kana option in your study settings. We’re working on a fix for this!



Does this mean I’m safe to update to iOS 12, or should I still wait? (I don’t want to use the beta on ipad)



I really wouldn’t upgrade to iOS 12 if you’re not wanting to use the beta app. We’re still working with Apple to reach a resolution, however in the meantime the Japanese app is unusable on iOS 12. Sorry about this!


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