iOS versus Web App Differences

Hi all – love the app. I have been learning a ton and have found this app to be amazing. I have a few questions was hoping to get feedback on:

  1. The number of “cards due” on iOS and the number of “items to review” on web don’t always sync or reflect the same value. Are these measuring the same thing? I switch between the two platforms (web during work breaks and primarily iOS at night) so I’m curious if these are measuring differently and how that might impact my study.

  2. As far as the web “items to review” goes…what is that actually counting down? On the iOS app when an item is missed it is listed a “+1” and shows the items to go. Then there’s an actual end of the deck whereas the web keeps going. I know both have options to continue studying in different ways but is there a way to “complete” reviews for the day on the web? What’s the difference between the two platforms?

  3. Any chance iOS may get an option for pinyin input like on web? Would make it easier to give a hard “either you know it or you don’t” rather than a “yeah that’s what I meant” response.

  4. Are there keyboard shortcuts for web? I’ve googled and searched a bit but haven’t found anything for the web app.

  5. Lastly, the stats page reflects “characters learned” and appears to only reflect those characters that I’ve mastered “writing.” I’ve made the choice (may be unpopular here!) to master the pinyin, tones, and definition for each character and hold off on the writing – thus it’s currently disabled. Is there a way to adjust this “All Time” box to reflect more specifically “Tones/Reading/Definiton” learned? Similar info is at the bottom of the page but it’s more reflective of the progress than the current state of Total learned.


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