iPhone: where is my data kept?


this is my first post here, and I apologize if it is in the wrong place or inappropriate in any other way.

I have been using the iPhone app. Only that, not the website or anything else. My question is: where is actually the data (the learning data: which words I remember etc.) kept, on the phone or is it synced to a server in the cloud? My main reason for asking this question is: what happens if I change to a new phone? Can I just install the Skritter app on the new phone, enter the user name and password, and the data will be downloaded from the server and I can continue as before? (For several sad reasons I can’t backup the old phone and restore it on the new).

Thanks very much in advance!

All the best,

the data is kept at the skritter server. you can log in with any device you want - your new device will be synced and you can start studying!

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