Is Adding Words to Lists Broken?!


I couldn’t add a new word to my list, 言葉。I tried to create a new list and add a word (a personal name), but when I click Add, nothing happens. I’m use the latest Chrome on Windows 10. it also doesn’t work on Chrome for iPhone 8 Plus.

Is this feature broken? If so, that’s crippling.


Okay, I managed to create a list and add a word currently in the dictionary. But I can’t a word to the dictionary now. E.g., an attempt to add the name 山口百恵 fails; I click Add on the box to add it to the dictionary, and nothing happens. So it appears adding new words not in the dictionary is broken.


Hmm, are you using the Legacy or 2.0 website?


I’m using the new site - 2.3.12.


Would you be able to test this out on Legacy to see if it works there?


Yes, it works on legacy - I was able to add the name.

I can’t tell if this is a recent break or was always broken. I used to add terms via the Old Skritter app, which worked fine; I’ve only had to use the Web site lately because Old Skritter no longer works on iOs 12 and New Skritter doesn’t support full list functionality.


Thanks for the follow up! We’re looking into this. An update was submitted for the older Japanese app on iOS and is pending approval. Once it’s approved the app will be working again on iOS 12!


Yay!! Glad to hear that. I really do love so many things about the new app, but until the bugs are out and it’s at feature-parity, I’ll probably knock back to the current one.

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