Is Beta over now for iOS?

Now that there is a new Skritter for Chinese in the iOS official AppStore, is the beta period completely concluded?

When I installed from the AppStore, it overwrote my beta copy with the AppStore version. Hence, they don’t coexist.

@Apomixis not over, but we’ve rolled out 3.3.0 as a stable version that allows us to (hopefully) bring in some new students, and provide an app version to revert back to if future beta versions do terrible things.

We’re currently in the process of rolling out 3.3.1 directly to production, but we’re still planning on doing more beta releases in the future. The first few weeks of this release are likely to be lots of quick pushes to production, but as things settle down a bit we’ll be working on some of the new goodies in beta first!


P.S. We’ve been a little quiet about the release, but I’m working on a blog post, and will be talking a bit more about it on the forum as well. While not directly related to your question, I’d like to add that in addition to the iOS release we’re rolling out the Android app as well starting with a small % of overall active users and increasing the amount more and more over time. We’ve already pushed 3.3.1 live on Android for all active beta users so everyone who’s been active on the beta is roughly on the same page, but the production version might not appear on device for a little while.


So, to be clear, is the old non-beta version no more?

I recently did one of my periodic “try beta to see if it’s ready” runs and when I decided I had enough and tried to go back to old faithful, I got the new version (3.3.1) instead.

I’m using Android. I double-checked that I’m no longer in the beta and I tried re-installing several times.

We’re in the process of phasing it out, yes. We still have the older non-beta version around on our APK files if you need old faithful for now. Although, we’d love an email with your hit-list of things that are forcing you back to the older version. In the meantime, we’ll keep working on rolling out updates for the new app, and try to give ya more reasons to upgrade!

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