Is it possible to add parts in a certain order?

For example, can I make Skritter show me writings and definitions for new words on one day, and then reading the next, ending with tone at the end?

It’s slightly annoying how every time I add a new section, I get a fourth of the words added for each part, and it’s asking me for the tone of a character when I’m not even entirely sure of the reading, the writing, or the definition. Or maybe some creative workaround?

I know I can do “Advanced Study” and hide the tone prompts, but then if I add new words later that day, when I have to do regular study, I don’t want to see the new tones either.

This is slightly frustrating as I’m going through Remembering Simplified Hanzi and I prefer to give focus to writing and definitions, but don’t want to completely neglect the reading or tone.

As of right now this advanced workflow for handling how new items are items isn’t possible and any creative workarounds would likely cause other problems with items or scheduling. It’s not likely we’ll be any kind of advanced workflow like this either.

Your best bet is probably to grade yourself more strict on definition and writings because those are what you want to primarily focus on. You can then grading reading and tone more lenient by marking them as 3 or 4 more frequently which will space them out making room for the others.