Is it still possible to join the beta?

Dear Skritter team, is it still possible to join the beta?

Best wishes!

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I filled in the request form more than a week ago and didn’t hear anything yet. I just moved phones from Android to iOS.

I used to be in the beta for iOS on my iPad but now when I run Testflight it only shows the old icon and says “Build removed”.

The Android Beta still seems to be updating OK (now Beta 3.0.18 300067) but I’m not using that phone any more.

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Thanks for your quick reply. Let’s see if they open that opportunity again!

Invites for TestFlight go out daily (except weekends), if you haven’t received an invite in your inbox within 24 hours, it might be possible the email address had a typo in it.

You can fill in your email address to sign up, at:

(Or you could let me know your email address here and we can manually add you in!)

@mungbean Since you were already on the beta, I’m not sure how the build is indicating it was removed. Would you be able to let me know your email address (or fill out the form in the blog post)? I’ll see if I can spot what’s going on and restore access.

Thanks @Jeremy I’ve PMd you.

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Thanks for your reply! The email address should be correct as I used autofill…

How can I send you a PM with the email address? (I cannot find an option)

Thanks and best wishes

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You can click on my name, and then the green “Message” button in the right corner!

I have also signed up for the iOS beta but have yet to receive a link. I feel silly but I don’t see any way to message you directly Jeremy, would it be okay if I just left my email in this thread?

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Of course! Feel free to leave it here and I’ll make sure the invite is resent. :slight_smile:

My email address is:
I can’t wait!

Ok, all added in! If you don’t spot the email in your inbox soon let me know.

I still have yet to receive the email, oddly enough (it’s not in my spam folder/any sub-inboxes either).

Hmm, it’s saying the invite email was sent on 8/14 to, however I’ve resent the invite manually. May it reach you successfully!

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I used to be in the beta program and after some inactivity just started practising Chinese again. I found that Skritter doesn’t work in iOS12 and the link to the latest beta leads me to a test flight build that has been removed.
Reading the above I think I didn’t get the invite as well and it probably expired. Any chance you can resend it


I’ve added your email address to the beta for both the Chinese and Japanese apps. If you don’t spot an invitation email in your inbox soon please let me know!

I received it, thanks!

Hey, could you send one more on ?

@iConfessor Here is a public link to the TestFlight betas:

Happy studying!

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