Is there a way to pause lists?

Is there a way to pause lists, such that the due date for review of words in that list doesn’t move forward (save for words that are also in other lists of course)?

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Hi! Could you please provide some context for the question? Memory traces in our brains decay over time, so the idea is to schedule reviews so we engage with the vocabulary again before forgetting it. There is no way to pause the cognitive process, so pausing the list and thus avoiding the items coming due seems to be a good idea on the surface, but it’s not. However, the reason I asked for context is that you might have a specific situation where this makes more sense, or your question might actually be more about how to manage a large queue. You can check this forum thread for more info, although the question is not exactly the same. I might be able to suggest more solutions, but then I need to know more about the problem!

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