Is there a way to review without reviewing?

I’m keen to improve my word recall by focusing 15-20 minutes every day on just definition and tone study, but I don’t want this review to actually impact my studied items in Skritter.

To clarify - If I spent 20 minutes each day just reviewing definitions and tones, then 20 minutes of ‘normal’ study, I presume my normal study will become mostly writing.

Is it possible to review in Skritter without the progress of that review being recorded? I’d like to be able to crunch a whole bunch of reading review in as bonus study, without impacting normal study which is so well balanced.


The only way to review items on Skritter without having them included into the study stats is by using the [Scratchpad][1] (which is a web only feature). You can access the scratchpad with the direct link I shared, or you can access it from the Skritter study page.

The scratchpad wasn’t really design to do what you’re asking, so you wont be able to load a particular list into the scratchpad. You could, however, enter the words manually or export the necessary times into a CSV file and then copy & paste them into the add words box.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Jake. Scratchpad really isn’t what I’m looking for, but I really appreciate you taking the time to respond.

I figured my “solution” wasn’t what you were looking for, but thought I would share it with you anyway. Sorry we don’t have a better alternative at the moment.