Items due missmatch

On the web version I can have 50 item to review but if I open up the I device or Android app it says something like 120. There is always a difference of around 50 to 70 items, why is that? I have tried to refresh local data on both the Chrome browser and the app but no change. There is also a difference in automatic adding new items. If I have a max of e.g. 2 on the app and use that first and 2 items are added, I will anyway get two new when i Open the web version. I need to switch between them since I use the web version during boring meetings and my Ipad at home😄 Side note, both Android and Ipad do have the exact same number all the time while Chrome on Ipad, Android and PC all show the exact same, lower, number.

It is definitely not the same spaced repetition algorithms on the devices as on the web. Currently I have a mismatch of over 250 items. Web showing zero items due and apps 253. It is not useful at all to use the web version at the moment since you do get totally wrong cards instead of the due one. I am getting the most basic ones like he, she, big etc. even though they are marked as “too easy” several times a long time ago.

We are aware of this disparity and plan on bringing the website to parity with the mobile apps soon. At the moment, there are some differences in how the app and website schedule out items and how they track items.

At the moment, the app starts the day with everything you have due for the day. However, the website does this over the course of the day. If you still have questions let us know at

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