Just a boring Skritter review

Hi there! I’ve been using Skritter 2.0 for about two months now and everything works fine, I love it! Think it added 110 words or so, but on the dashboard it says I’ve learned 230 characters and 63 words, that’s like double of what I think I know. That’s super good for my moral! I feel myself getting smarter by just looking at the stats on the dashboard.

What I also like is the stroke order button. I, like most lazy laowai always write the part I know first, if it’s a character with god knows how many radicals, and after a minute or so I end up with a half character. So the stroke order helps me a lot, now I remember how to write a complicated character like half the time.

Keep up the good work, and try to make it better!

By the way… I also like the Skritter videos on Youtube, but they have to feature more ugly people though. Every time A new video comes out I have to watch it when my girlfriend is miles away, or she will give me crap about looking at videos with other pretty Asian woman in it.

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No boring at all. Glad to hear that you’re enjoying Skritter! If you don’t mind me asking, what are your learning goals?

Will do! Question, what’s the one thing you’d love to be able to do on the app or website that you can’t do now?

HA! Glad you’re enjoying the videos, lots more in the works!