Just started using Skritter app, looking to buy a pen for desktop version

I recently started using Skritter to learn to write Chinese characters via the android app.

I saw the web version has some extra features (like sentence examples of each character) which i really like the idea of. I am looking to buy a wacom pen but i’ve noticed there’s several types.

What is a non expensive one I could buy that would work with Skritter?

I was just looking at this: https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?spm=a230r.

Help is very much appreciated!

Whoah, is that really the correct price? I found that model available for $35. The one I use is a Wacom Intuos Draw which was purchased for $80. If that model is actually the real deal that you’ve found, it should work just fine! (Though I’m not sure how they are only charging a couple of dollars for it).

It’s 268RMB which is not so different than the price you mentioned. I was just wondering if it would work ok, i guess i’ll go ahead and buy it! Thanks

Ah, I thought the price on the site was converting to yen (from system locale settings), not even thinking that RMB and yen use the same character ¥. :upside_down_face:

In that case that seems like it’ll work great!

I just started using it although it seems extremely slow compared to using the app version with the forefinger.

Did anyone else notice this after using the app version first then switching to a bamboo pad? I am contemplating if it is worth using the pad atall, at first i though the example sentences would help greatly but it seems they are usually to complicated for me to understand (they aren’t using characters i’ve already learnt).

I think using the app is at least x3 faster for me, not sure what others think.

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If you’re fully used to the wacom pad, (and the settings are dialed in), you should be able to relatively go at the same speed as the mobile app.

Oh man is this page old, however it may be useful: https://legacy.skritter.com/wacoms/settings

Thanks for the reply.

Yeah i tried implementing those settings although it’s still super slow for me. I also the pad assigned to the fixed square on the screen (where the characters should be wrote) but it just takes much longer to use the pen to write the character than it does on the app. Also it’s inconvenient to switch between the keyboard and pad to enter tones etc.

I think I’ll stick to the app for now, 25 days in and still enjoy using it. Am I going to miss out on anything by avoiding the use of a pen?

If you’re using the mobile app, you could use a stylus, which I think is a little bit better than using the Wacom pad even (because you’re able to write directly on the screen). If you’re on the web version and using a mouse, you may not develop the same exact type of muscle memory that you would if you were using a stylus / pen, however it really shouldn’t make all that much of a difference and won’t hold you back.