Kana prompt with the English

Is it possible to have the kana always show on the test prompt along with the English definition? I get if I touch it then it appears but would just make it go a bit faster if it already were shown.

The parts are broken down so that definition and reading prompts are separate, the reason why the reading isn’t immediately visible on a definition prompt is to not reveal a major hint that could likely give away the definition and influence the answer. (You probably shouldn’t look at the reading initially, since it’s testing whether you recognize the word writing and know it’s definition based on that solely).

There are a ton of synonyms. And there’s also words like 東西南北 where the English translation is north east south west and that’s just misleading when you’re writing out the kanji.

Hmm, it sounds like your talking about writing prompts. (I had at first thought you were referring to definition prompts on the HTML5 version)!

It looks like you had the “hide reading” option enabled in your settings. I’ve disabled this for you, readings will now automatically display on writing prompts. Sorry for my misunderstanding.

Yeah I thought this was different than I remembered. Thanks for figuring that out for me.