Kanji/Character list

Hello, I am learning Japanese vocabulary with Skritter, but I got one problem, I learnt « apparently » 974 kanjis and almost 3000 items. But I would like sometimes to review only the character, only the kanji.

I mean, sometimes I am learning new words with many kanjis but in fact, I already know one or more kanji in the word. But I didn’t notice I already know the kanji.

So it should be cool if we can view « our progression » by a list of kanjis you already know. Then you can editing mnemonics too. Sometimes I think it’s useful to review just the kanjis.

What do you think about that ?

Hi there! :wave:

It sounds like you’re wanting to have a list of just single kanji, and not study words? If so, you could create a custom list with only single kanji entries, and remove the lists that have the multi-kanji words in it (or ban the words as they come up for study).

I really do recommend not studying individual kanji by themselves, unless it’s a word on it’s own. Here’s a blog post about this: https://blog.skritter.com/2017/03/shouldnt-study-single-kanji-japanese-not-high-frequency-word/

So at first, happy new year :slight_smile:

I know, I am not learning kanji only. I am learning word, but sometimes it’s difficult to remember about the writing because I don’t even not the meaning of some kanjis. Like I know 約束、but I don’t know the meaning of kanjis. Of course it’s my fault, but I am not native English, so it’s even harder to remember the meaning of kanji sometimes :stuck_out_tongue: (because meaning of kanjis is only in English on the app)

But i don’t want a list you know, I mean, something like an achievement list, you know what I mean ? It’s not for review, just for see what you know, the «travel» you did.
So it’s not that useful, but it’s just for have a view of what you know.

Thank you for your answer, and sorry for my English, I hope you can understand me.
Now I am using remember the kanji but in French. And maybe It will be easier to remember the writing with that.