Kanji showing up with "tap to advance"?

I’m trying to use the new beta, adding from the RTK sixth edition list, but most kanji are showing up like this:

Has this happened to anyone else/does anyone else know what’s going on here?

I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling from testflight, but that hasn’t fixed it. Once I added new kanji, the bug returned: all twenty cards that were added were added like this.

The info page looks like this:

This is a bug, where newly introduced characters aren’t coming up for writing, however if you log out of the app and then back in, any of those new characters will be writable. (They will stay writable, but any other newly introduced characters will do the same thing until you log out and log in again). We’re working on getting an update out that fixes this, sorry for the inconvenience!

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Alright, thanks for letting me know.

Also, thanks for clearing up exactly what the bug is and giving me a workaround. It’s annoying, but knowing what causes it and how to resolve it will make encountering it a lot less frustrating.

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Good to know (I have the same issue, in both language versions).

When there’s an update that successfully squashes this bug, will you note this in the update description (#prettyplease :kissing_heart: )

Update: after logging out and logging in again, I’m prompted to write new words, however there’s no tracing of them first (I have checked the option in the settings on the website*). That’s kinda as bad as the old problem (“tap to advance”). If I have no idea what a character looks like, all I can do is randomly making strokes. In the Japanese version this might trigger “the repeat-loop of death” :persevere:

*This option is missing in the beta

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