Keeping HSK5 list while starting HSK6 list


I’ve just finished the HSK 5 list while keeping HSK 3 and 4 on review.

I’m afraid that if I start HSK 6, I’ll be overwhelmed by the amount of work, but I do not want to forget about the previous lists.

If I delete HSK5 from my review list and want to study it again later, it will forget about my progress on that list right? Meaning that I’ll have to go through each sections again?

How can I manage that? (apart from studying daily)


edit: Nevermind, I have completely forgotten that I can manually add characters. I used to work on my lists till it would automatically add new characters.

As well as manually adding, note that Skritter keeps track of progress independently of your lists, so removing a list won’t delete your progress record. Not much need to do so though as you can just pause a list or deselect irrelevant sections.

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It will probably take you a few weeks to totally get through HSK 5’s characters until the review count gets low. I did the same before and just started HSK 6, its hard work but it will pay off in the end. So don’t think about it and just start skrittering! :smile:

oh and by the way if the characters are old, skritter sometimes start adding words even though you still have 300 reviews. Just make sure you change add characters to fast mode.