Keyboard control for App/Update on website unification

4 years ago when I first joined skritter, the website I was told was frozen in development effort as the app was to become a webapp and replace it as well. So far we are still not at the point were they website got replaced and as it has been frozen there were no development done for it.
I have been looking forward for years for this change to take place as the apps reviewing in blocks scheduling instead of the website’s endless mode is generally superior, but so far i have been waiting in vain.
i would really hope that we could get two things for the app:

  1. general keyboard controls. i.e. keyboard hotkeys for judging a card as wrong, hard, good, easy, and going back to the previous card
  2. an advanced block scheduler in the app:
  • problem: currently i find myself to always review in blocks of 50 or 100, but after that is done that app always insists on syncing which takes over a minute for me and always has despite multiple efforts in that regard in the past. similarly entering flight mode does not stop the app from trying to sync and takes progressively longer for each outstanding item when trying to sync and obviously fail while in flight mode, not mentioning that i do not get audio in flight mode.
  • solution: the advanced scheduler should not limit the review to in total X cards, but just chunk it into blocks of X cards: i.e. after those X cards are finished it should just start the next chunk without further user interaction or blocking on a sync. (i am happy for a sync to happen in the background without blocking reviewing)

this way i could either just attach a keyboard to my phone or use an android emulator on the computer to time effectively do my reviews and it would solve my year-long quarrels with skritter

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Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback! I have passed your feature requests on to our developers. Skritter 4.0 is in development, which will bring the website to parity with the app. This is a huge project, so it is still a bit difficult to say when it will be released. Our development team is actively working on these updates and we will share more details in the future once we have a more accurate timeline. We just don’t want to over-promise and under-deliver about the timeline/release date of Skritter 4.0.