Keyboard grading with number keys

First time using the new website in a while (legacy website seems not to work anymore, presumably something to do with flash). Has the ability to grade responses using the number keys not been carried over from the old site? I have advanced SRS grading on (set up through the iOS app–there doesn’t seem to be a setting for it on the website, unless I’m missing it.) It used to be possible to use the number keys to grade a response 1-4, but that doesn’t seem to work anymore. It does seem to be possible to grade either 1 or 4 using the down and up arrows, but that’s not a great solution because a) it’s not possible to use advanced SRS grading; and b) you have to remove your hands from the home keys to do it. I don’t study writings on the computer; doing them with the mouse is too tedious. But it used to be nice when (as now) I got way behind to turn off writings and blow through a few hundred reviews on the computer super quickly to bring down the due count staring me in the face. Is this a bug, a deliberate design decision, or my just being obtuse?

Advanced SRS grading is the default (and only option) on the web version!

I’ve tested this out but don’t appear to be running into an issue with using the 1-4 keys for grading. Are you revealing the answer with spacebar, then using the 1-4 keys?

Looks like this falls under the third option: my just being obtuse. One of my extensions (vimium) was interfering with it. Disabled on the page and now it works. Sorry about that, should have checked that first.


Glad you’re up and running!

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