Latest Lists - Help In Finding Them In The App

Can anyone advise how to find the recent list that’s been uploaded about numbers, that was mentioned in the YouTube video done by Fiona and Gwillam? I can’t find seem to find it. Maybe because I’m still pretty new to using skritter. Any information is appreciated.

Thank-you in advance.

On the newest app, If you press “Decks” (at the bottom of the screen) and then press “Browse” (top of the screen), and then press the magnifying glass icon (top-right) you can then search for “numbers” and one deck comes up from the Skritter team.


Thanks, Apomixis!

I also just added the deck to the “Featured” tab in the mobile app. I thought it was already in there, but I must have overlooked it. Generally, any new video/deck we create will be added there in addition to the general Browse tab.

Quick note for anyone reading this. Any of the “free” decks we have in the mobile app can be studied regardless of active status. Items can be learned, and anything studied will also be added to your review queue if you have a Skritter account.

Happy studying, y’all!

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