Learn mode broken



In the newest beta (3.1.6/300199) the learn mode is completely broken for me in the following way:

  • when I click “Learn” from the deck page, I get 声调. I finish learning it, then the next item is… 声调. I click “Skip learning”, next one… 声调. After a few more rounds of this I finally get 道理. Next one after that… 声调.
  • when I click “Learn” on the individual characters, I can indeed learn them. However, when I return to the deck/section view later, the word has become “unlearned.”

I’m going to try redownloading the app now to see if that fixes it. At least now I will definitely never forget 声调!


Update: that didn’t work, now stuck on 成人. My working theory is that if I don’t fully wait to the section progress meter to update at the end of the learning sequence (i.e. where the meter animates going from 20% to 22%), this is what happens.


I have found that you have to wait a few seconds for the progress meter to update (eg from 22/50 to 23/50) before clicking the button. Then you will get a new word.

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Thanks @rpetersn. I think you’re right. It seems like once I get into this stuck state, not even rebooting the app will get me out. This is what happens if I wait now:

First it updates to 11/50 and 22%, then the character count jumps back to 10. Then I get 成人 again haha.

I’m redownloading the app again right now, and this time I’m going to be extra careful waiting for new words.


Thanks for your reports, we’re investigating this!


I have the same problem. I went back to the regular version for a while, but that drove me wild. Now I’m patiently waiting for a fix…


Waiting in between does help, by the way, but makes the process so…very… slow…


Speed improvement is one of the top priorities and we’re feeling confident that with the next update you should hopefully not be running into the same issue anymore.


I have the exact same problem, just wanted to chime in. I’m running the current version on the iOS app store, I believe that’s 3.1.5.


Can you check Testfligt/Google play and update to the latest beta (3.2.0), released a couple of days ago. The speed improvements should fix this issue. For the changelog, click here: https://blog.skritter.com/2019/05/3-2-beta-update/


I’m guessing technically that helped, because all of the unlearned words from the deck I was using (basic kanji books) have now disappeared.


Thanks! My app automatically updated to 3.2 a few days ago. The speed is greatly improved and I no longer encounter the issues getting stuck that I reported earlier. Yall did a great job with this, really appreciate it!

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