Learn single words, marks all up to position

Sometimes if i select a specific word inside the list and chose learn now, then mark as learned, all previous words will be marked as learned too.

I’m still trying to reproduce it reliably, if you have any clue on how to avoid this bug I would be glad.

Have you perhaps learned those words before and then deleted them? If so, I’ve reported that bug earlier and they are working on it.

nope,fresh words

I just did this on a test account, and I can confirm that some words are getting marked as learned in addition to the single word/character. But not all. I’m unable to reproduce this with words you’ve never studied before on Skritter, so if you’re seeing that, then please reach out to team@skritter.com so we can investigate further.

To the best of my knowledge, this is an issue right now with how previously learned words are being handled when you jump position in the deck. It ends up marking some words as learned up to the next word item you’ve never studied.

We have an open issue for this, but the fix will actually be to make deck rejuvenation automatic, which will allow you to quickly study new words and items without having to spam “Mark as learned” or guess at how much of a deck you really know when you open it up for the first time.

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