Learning and teaching Chinese through games

@SkritterOlle is a busy dude, and when he isn’t working on Skritter stuff he’s running Hacking Chinese and Word Swing. Recently, he was at the 15th Annual Chinese Teaching Conference in London and he gave a talk on learning Chinese with games.

I thought some of you might wanna give his follow-up article a read. Here’s the link: https://ci.ioe.ac.uk/learning-and-teaching-chinese-through-games/

While we’re on the topic of games.

Do you have any crazy ideas on how to make Skritter more fun? We can do a lot of cool things on the new Skritter Mobile, so let us know your wildest dreams, and we’ll see if we can’t turn some of them into a reality!


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Off the top of my head:

-Streaks for consistent studying ala Duolingo. Maybe a pop-up saying congrats on your X day long streak?

-Combo points for consecutive correct answers. Five in a row five points, and then maybe a progressive multiplier for 10 in a row, 15, 30, etc. Might be kind of annoying for some people though, not sure. Getting a high point score might motivate some people.

-Maybe a reward or recognition for mastery of certain words. Like say, if you consistently get 朋友 correct over 90% of the time over x time period you’d get a pop-up that says Mastered or something like that. Would be also kind of cool to have a list of words mastered just to admire how awesome you are. Separate lists for each type of mastery too maybe (definition, writing, etc).

-This one is perhaps a rip from Duolingo also, but if you could friend other users and compare your daily, weekly, and monthly progress against your friends. Might motivate you if you see your friends rockin’ their Chinese studies that week while you’re slacking with 0 points.

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