Learning mode behavior oddity or design?

If I’m in Learning mode and pick a specific word from the list to learn, and mark it learned, the “next” word that Learn mode suggests is the first unlearned word on the list.

I had expected Learn mode to give me the next word on the list AFTER the one I manually chose to learn. Instead the list is being processed from the top every time.

Any chance you’d consider changing the behavior?

Here’s the real specific use case. There is an incorrect word on a Skritter list and I put in a separate direct email about that to be fixed. (It’s the 2nd time I’ve found a discrepancy between my paper book and this Skritter list). So, I don’t want to ban that word because it might be a valid word on a different list. But for now, I want to skip it and continue with the list. I then manually open the list, pick the word AFTER the problematic word and tell it to learn. Skritter presents that word and I learn it. However, my expectation was to continue down the list skipping the problematic word. But instead the next word being presented is the problematic word (the first unlearned word on the list). So, I need to quit out of learn mode, go back into the next word, and manually learn one-by-one.

To me, it would be nicer if learning mode during that specific learning session would remember where I was in the word list. I’m okay if it loops back to the top of the list after it finishes all the other words in the list order, or if I restart learn mode, but it would be nice to be able to manually skip to a line in a list and learn from that point onwards.



This sounds like it might be a good idea! The way it’s working is currently the intended behavior. I’ve made a note to mention this to the rest of the team in case this isn’t seen by everyone soon.

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