Learning/Testing Grammar from the skritter app?

So I have been going through the Genki Vol 1 lessons using the skritter app and I have found it excellent for vocab/kanji learning (or re-learning in my case). Because I have studied Japanese on and off for over a decade I am able to breeze through it, however I have still not found out how to (if it’s possible?) so go through grammar lessons using the app?

I had to bring out my (over a decade old) hard copy of Genki to go through it so I can go through the grammar. I would love if there was some way to do this through the app instead. And maybe a way to go through/test sentences along with vocab/kanji?

Also, one minor thing is that it seems like the “Greetings” section from the hardcopy is missing from skritter.

Hi @Fusion916 :wave:

The system was initially built around vocab / characters and not grammar, however you could create a custom deck with grammar points, like ~から~まで for instance. Using the textbook is good though if you have it on hand to accompany your studies on Skritter!

I’ve checked and see there’s not a greetings section for Genki 1 1st edition and have made a note to make sure it’s added in.

Our 2nd and 3rd edition Genki 1 lists do have the greetings section and it’s unchanged from the 1st edition’s version if you want to study the first section from one of those and add the vocab into your queue. Though it sounds like you may already know the material!

Thanks, it’s not a big problem as I can just use the hardcopy book to supplement grammar, the vocab/kanji card practice is still well worth the app. I’ll mess around with adding custom list for grammar.

Thanks again!

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