Learning words doesn't add them to skitter web

Hi - I’m unsure if this is a bug or not but I am a little confused by the behavior I’m observing.

I recently switched from using the Web 2.0 version of Skritter (which I was using across devices) to the beta mobile native version on TF for iOS.

I have been learning words from my list in that app, however now when I go back to the web version I notice that my lists do not consider those words as “added” so my list progress is effectively de-synced.

Going the other way around seems to be OK though (eg: first adding the words via the web app, then switching over to mobile to burn down the queue).

It’s a little confusing since I could have “learned” a whole list in mobile but then in the web app that list can appear partially or totally “un-added” (terminology of the apps is a bit different but conceptually I view them the same way).

I’m inclined to just “add” all my words first on the web app to keep my lists consistent between the two apps (although I do enjoy the new learning functionality introduced to adding in the mobile apps) - is this what would be recommended?


I’ve noticed the exact same thing.

When using the new Skritter app, my list progress doesn’t change in either the current or legacy web page. However, when using Skritter Classic (2.1.2) the list status is updated correctly.

In my case, I do all my list management on the web, but I always add new words to my review using the app.

I’ve also noticed the following behavior:

  1. Add all remaining words using New Skritter.
  2. See the web reporting those lists as still adding (even days later).
  3. Open Skritter Classic and attempt to add words, which fails since there are none to add.
  4. The web then reports the lists as 100% finished.
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The new mobile app is using a new API endpoint, which allows you to study any item from any deck section in any order. Unfortunately, this means that the website and previous apps might not display progress automatically at the moment :frowning:

New items have been added, and overall study progress is recorded, however, the decklist level stats are going to appear a little off until we can make some changes to how the website processes this information. Our dev team does have a plan of attack for this, and once deployed it should update website progress to match what you’re seeing on the mobile app.

In the meantime, there is a “hack” you can do, which will update things on the website if you’re interested, but I would only recommend doing it on decks you’ve completed to 100%, or on decks that you don’t mind automatically adding a few items to your review queue from.

  1. Go to a deck you’ve completed (or made progress on) on skritter.com and press the “Study Now” button
  2. After the deck loads up click the plus button to add items.
  3. The server will search the deck for new items to add, and eventually either fail or add a brand-new item. “Fail” here means that the deck will now be marked 100% complete.



Gotcha that makes sense, appreciate the insight and the temporary workaround.


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