Less flashy animations bug

When I choose simpler animations to improve performance, I cannot change the grade for each card. Choosing forgot moves to the next card, but going back shows the card is still marked as correct. The flashier animations feel extremely laggy on my phone so this is a huge problem.

Also, the first card typically never lets me go back to it. Whatever it was marked as, that’s it. It’s gone. Can’t recheck or retry. This is extremely frustrating.

Edit: Playing around a bit more, it seems like the buttons are behind the ‘canvas’ area. If I press the very bottom of the button, it works. The top half is covered by the canvas.

Sometimes, the canvas is positioned such that the entire button is covered… making it impossible to press.

Hi Benjamin! Would you be able to do a delete / reinstall to see if it changes the behavior? If you’re still seeing issues, please let us know your device and build are you running Skritter on? Feel free to drop an email to team@skritter.com so we can follow-up more quickly.

Thanks in advance!

I’m also having trouble with new words. I just resubscribed, and added about 100 new items. It’s been a couple of days already but only a handful have appeared in my study queue, Also, looking at those items in the “my words” tab shows that they don’t have any data. They don’t have a percentage for writing, tones, definition etc. They also don’t say “added from… list”. I’ll try a reinstall. I’m a bit worried that I’ll lose those reviews, though. The website is showing those lists as unstudied.

Website and mobile app deck progress indicators are not in-sync at the moment (see below), but you shouldn’t lose any of the items during a refresh/reinstall. I just looked at your account online, and I see progress on the Words page, which is a good sign that things are saving.

Give it a go, and if you’re still running into issues please send team@skritter.com an email so we can look into your account in more detail and get the bottom of the issues.

Thanks in advance!


The new mobile app is using a new API endpoint, which allows you to study any item from any deck section in any order. Unfortunately, this means that the website and previous apps might not display progress automatically at the moment :frowning:

New items have been added, and overall study progress is recorded, however, the decklist level stats are going to appear a little off until we can make some changes to how the website processes this information. Our dev team does have a plan of attack for this, and once deployed it should update website progress to match what you’re seeing on the mobile app.

In the meantime, there is a “hack” you can do, which will update things on the website if you’re interested, but I would only recommend doing it on decks you’ve completed to 100%, or on decks that you don’t mind automatically adding a few items to your review queue from.

  1. Go to a deck you’ve completed (or made progress on) on skritter.com and press the “Study Now” button
  2. After the deck loads up click the plus button to add items.
  3. The server will search the deck for new items to add, and eventually either fail or add a brand-new item. “Fail” here means that the deck will now be marked 100% complete.

It seems I was running an old version. I just installed from the app store, not the test flight app and many things have changed. I have had to re-add those words from my lists, though. I think the review function was working normally, but new words were never added properly. I just clicked through them all as “learned” and they’re in my review queue now, which is what I’d hoped would happen. Thanks!

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Sorry you lost a bit of data, but glad to hear you got the items in the queue again, and that the update did the trick. Happy studies!