List completion doesn’t reset after resetting progress


A few weeks ago I reset my progress and began anew.

However, my previously studied lists still show the “Completed” date from when I originally studied them. This means list sections show as completed even though none of the words are in my set of words to study…very counterintuitive!

Whenever I go into the list details, I can’t see which sections I’ve re-added since they show completed from my “old” data. I had expected resetting all my data would reset list completion data. I love that it maintained custom content of my user-created old lists, just not that previously studied sections are marked with completion dates.

Is this intended behavior? Or a bug?


The lists themselves shouldn’t be deleted, but the progress for any words you’ve been studying should be reset, so it sounds like this is a bug. Do you recall where you reset your data? (The 2.0 client, or legacy client)?


@Apomixis while Jeremy is digging in a bit more, I would recommend going using the website and going to some of the lists in question and checking the list settings. It’s very possible that the “Add Vocab From” section didn’t reset to the beginning.

Hopefully, this is the case (in which case, we found the bug) and you should be able to manually reset the list to the first section again.


@Jeremy I would have reset the progress via the Web 2.0 site. (In fact, I don’t see an option on the iOS legacy app anymore to reset things).

I just now went and added via Web2.0, an old list called “JAD 2017” to my currently studied lists, and it was reset just fine right after adding. HOWEVER, I then went out of Skritter 2 and back in, and then when I look at the same list, it shows my old progress (see attached image).

To get a look at things, feel free to poke into my account. There is a list called “New Practical Chinese Reader Supplemental Characters” that shows partial completion. I have not added it back onto my currently studied list though.

I didn’t want to try it with a bunch of lists and lose the replication path to look into the bug.

@SkritterJake the list in the image is set for re-adding from the first section after the reset.


@Jeremy: Any success in replicating the issue, or at least seeing it in my account to help track down the root cause?


@Apomixis I just tried something on your account. I noticed that the list in question was still set in a state of “review” for items, not “adding.” I know your image you posted said “adding” already, but when I checked on it was still in review, which we’re also investigating.

So even though the list section was starting from the correct point, the fact that the list was in review was preventing items from being added from it I switched it and from what I’m seeing on my screen it does appear that it’ll start adding items from the beginning of the list again. There is still a visual bug with the status, but my fingers are crossed that my setting adjustment will at least get things working.

Can you confirm if this is the case? If so, let us know so we can figure out the best way to fix things up.



@SkritterJake I moved the list back to Review two or three days after taking the picture and posting. I did not want to add the words from that list and I had forgotten it was there, so a couple were added from it when I added new words from my main lists. So, I couldn’t leave it set to Adding and use Skritter at the same time.

I agree that I can still add items, but with the status showing a completed date, I can’t tell where in the list I have added. The issue I’m seeing is just related to the completion showing a finish date even though I had reset my progress.

Adding/Reviewing seems to work fine, and was not what I had meant to have you look at.

Sorry for the miscommunication.


My fault and thanks for clarifying. I’ll dig into things with the guys and see what we can uncover.


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