List Progression Bug

Hi there Skritter team!

Just found something, perhaps it’s an user issue but i’m not sure how to solve it. Recently I swapped over from the old Skritter app to the new one and noticed by list progress hasn’t been increasing.

See the below image my list progress is ~50%

And looking at the list sections they’re all showing as incomplete, but on my ipad i’ve completed them. The progress bar on the side shows 50%, but the list reflects around 20%

Also the Words/Characters learned on the main dashboard doesn’t seemed to be increasing either? (not 100% sure just a feeling.)

Other than that, thanks for the great app! :slight_smile:

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lets hope this is not a desync bug!

also i noticed that the website tracks progression not by what you have learned but from were you are adding. if it so happened that you just skipped 1 word in 501-600 section the skritter website would consider that the next work to add and thus think you only progressed that far

Oh that’s an interesting thought. In that case I might have a flick through the 601-700 section and see if there’s anything.

no it would be the 501-600 sections as its saying that is adding from there

Weirdly enough the list progression has updated, but is still 100 words behind… What the actual hell?

My experience is that the new apps (mobile apps…iOS and Android), and the website, both use completely different mental models of how they track words, sections and lists. When they made that new paradigm in the mobile apps, the website did not get “conceptually” updated, so there are really two different mental models of how things work. Functionality wise, the website is really old (and I don’t mean the “ancient legacy” Skritter website), and hasn’t been made to match up with the functionality that the mobile apps are using, so there’s a big disconnect.

If I understand correctly, you are expecting the mobile app to act the same as the website, using one of the apps, but then looking at the list-tracking on the website and trying to see the lists being updated based on how the website works. But the mobile app doesn’t work that way.

Within the mobile apps, one is no longer working on certain lists and working on sections section by section. That mental model is no longer there. On the mobile app you can go to any list, any section, any time, and add a word or two and then come back to a different list, so the tracking you’re expecting to see on the website is no longer really relevant to how the mobile apps work.

The lists on the Mobile app show their own tracking, by going into the list and it will tell you how many sections and words you’ve learned from that particular list, and each list section has a green bar underneath that tells you whether your complete or not.

I think all the timing and all of the stuff you see on the website, is false data that comes about through happenstance, when your primary source of usage is the mobile app.

The website and the mobile apps are really starting to diverge in their capability and method of usage. I still use the website to add words to lists in bulk, because you can paste multiple words into the list at one go on the website, but cannot do that on the mobile app yet.


Appreciate the write up, even if what you are suggesting is speculation. It does make enough sense to be plausible. I guess going forward I’ll just discard using the web browser view, haha.

i use the website more than the app because I can focus better sitting on the computer. also keyboard typing the reading/pinyin is actually a lot faster for me as I type super fast and this way i can delegate the checking whether i am correct to the computer, which would take longer for me than doing the typing

Apomixis’ explanation is accurate! If you do make progress on the mobile app and it’s not reflecting on the web, you can update the progress by studying the list on the web version and then tapping the (+) add button. We’re going to be updating the site to more closely match the mobile version however this would work as a workaround in the meantime


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