Lists missing from home page

My lists are missing from home page. They were there when i first diwnloaded the spp.

Would you be able to delete the app and reinstall it and let us know if the problem persists?

Its done and it worked. Quick question. I have a couple of lists i want to study outside the flashcard system. When i click on the subsection and study now the screen is empty. Is this because i never studied these characters?

The list this happening are. Domino chinese level 1 - complete. Also level 2, level 3, level 4 and 5.

Would you be able to remind me of your account name? I’m not spotting an account named “mikelimassol”. I can take a closer look!

Hi its because i have changed my display name to “Domino Chinese”.
These lists are not even searchable.
thank you


These should be searchable now. Are you still running into the same problem with the empty study screen? If so, I recommend tapping the manual word add (+) button to see if that helps.

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